Membership   Benefits

What it means to be a member, as told by a member.

Every individual in the Kentucky National Guard can remember their first home station drill, and I am no different. As we were getting on the historic blue bird bus preparing to go to the field, a senior enlisted soldier leaned over and said, “Moore, you will have good days in the guard and you will have terrible days in the guard, but either way the guard is what you make of it.” Although, I knew what he meant at that moment, I did not truly understand how to make a real impact until I attended the National Guard Association of Kentucky’s Annual state conference.

The National Guard Association of Kentucky is a volunteer, non-profit and non-partisan association whose primary mission is to advocate their member’s interests to state and federal officials. By supporting legislation that provides adequate staffing, pay, benefits, equipment and installations for the Kentucky National Guard. Some of the NGAKY previous accomplishments include providing improved access to Tricare health benefits for members of the National Guard, improved educational benefits and increased the full-time support personnel in the Army National Guard to a 22 year high.

What does this mean to you? Specifically, it means that you, as a member of the Kentucky National Guard have the ability to support current and future legislation that will directly impact your National Guard career. These impacts include how your pay is issued, how many infantry battalions are in the state of Kentucky and what benefits you can receive when you retire. As a National Guard soldier you volunteered to stand up for the rights of others, shouldn’t you also stand up for the benefits you deserve? Maintaining your membership to the National Guard Association of Kentucky will allow you to do just that. As any rank can join and attend the state conferences I encourage all enlisted soldiers to attend the enlisted state conference and help shape the future of the Kentucky Army National Guard. This is your National Guard; make sure your voice is heard as well.