Membership Benefits

Thinking of joining? Check out some of the benefits a membership provides. When you’re ready:

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Life Insurance Plan

  • Competitive rates
  • Claims paid in 24-48 hours
  • Coverage up to $500K
  • No war or aviation clauses
  • Personal service
  • Post-separation coverage
  • Free plans for recruits
  • Available to dependents
  • Premiums are drafted directly from your military pay. No checks to write, no bills to track! Win – Win! Not only do you get great coverage at competitive rates, the premiums go to support the NGAKY’s efforts to fight for your benefits. By helping yourself, you’re supporting those who support you!

State benefits provided by NGAKY lobbying our state legislature:

  • National Guard license plate at much reduced cost.
  • Claim an extra tax exemption on your state income tax.
  • Tuition assistance at state schools.
  • Holding membership dues to a minimum, both state and national.
  • Provide affordable life insurance to guardsmen and families.
  • Providing social activities during the year. We have plans in place to increase these opportunities in the near future.
  • Lobbying with the NGAUS for equipment and personnel actions on the national level.
  • Military Pay Exempt from State Income Tax.


Recent benefits provided by NGAUS:

  • TRICARE for all guardsmen and their families effective 1 OCT 07.
  • $5.7 billion total for pay and allowances for mobilized Guardsmen.
  • $2.9 billion toward replenishing the Guard’s equipment stocks.
  • $290 million in emergency funding for repair and replacement of equipment lost or damaged in the wars.
  • Most recently – A new ARNG mission was announced at the NGAUS Convention that will bring 144 m-day and 22 full-time positions.


Ongoing priorities include:

  • Reduced retirement age to 55.
  • Tax breaks for employers.
  • Increased full time manning.
  • Joint Cargo Aircraft for Army and Air.
  • Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters.
  • Bradley upgrades.
  • Travel and per-diem when in IDT status.