Board of Directors


  • President– LTC John Barger-Army
  • Vice President Air – Lt Col Amy Mundell
  • Vice President Army – MAJ Germy Harper
  • President Elect – LTC Travis Carpenter-Army
  • Treasurer- VACANT

Board Members

  • Vacant- Continuity Committee, Chairman
  • Vacant Continuity Committee, Vice Chairman
  • LTC Kevin Jones JFHQ -Army
  • LT Logan Forrest 138th Fires BDE
  • MAJ Aaron Vansickle 138th Fires BDE
  • MAJ Joe Fontanez 149th MEB
  • 1LT Stephed Tendall 149th MEB
  • LT Tyler Cope 149th MEB
  • LT Sebastian Stanley 75th Troop Command
  • MAJ Michael Moynahan  75th Troop Command
  • Maj Leslie Brooks 123rd ANG
  • Lt Monte Goldring 123rd ANG
  • MAJ Steve Martin 63rd TAB
  • LT John Simpson 63rd TAB
  • CW2 David Chandler Warrant Officer
  • Vacant  Garrison Training Company
  • Vacant 238th Reg


  • Executive Director – CW5(R) James Simms
  • Assistant to Director – VACANT
  • Bookkeeper – MSgt (R) Kathy Romito
  • Insurance – Jodie Bryant